Coaching Program:

What would you give to have your teen love themselves? 

Set and achieve their goals? Conquer those crippling emotions such as self-doubt, fear and anxiety? 

Have healthy relationships?

10X their self confidence? 

1:1 on Life Coaching is a game changer and can do just that!

I coach teens/young adults 12 and up!

All coaching is done over Zoom!

Here are the details on my current coaching package:

1:1 Coaching for 4 months- 8 more sessions after the consult + 2 bonus coaching sessions to be used within the year of signing up.

- Each session is 45 mins-1hr

- Customized assignments and activities in between sessions

- Prerecorded videos for you the parents so you can learn too!

- Bonus: zip-drive with recordings of their coaching calls  so they have them for life.

-How to be a teen successfully course and workbook. 

Price: $2,197

To grab one of my open coaching slots, schedule a free consult by clicking the schedule

below. A parent must be on the consult call with teens under 18 years of age.”