• In a holistic coaching experience with a Cheree Murdock, individuals not only benefit from personalized one-on-one sessions but also have the opportunity to thrive in the dynamic and enriching atmosphere of group coaching. 

    In the one-on-one sessions, clients delve into their unique aspirations and challenges, guided by the transformative principles of Cheree Murdock's coaching methodologies. 

  • Simultaneously, group coaching adds a unique dimension, fostering a supportive community where individuals share insights, celebrate successes, and collaborate on collective growth. 

    Facilitated by the Cheree, these group sessions provide a diverse range of perspectives, communal encouragement, and shared accountability, amplifying the transformative impact. 

  • Together, in both one-on-one and group settings, clients of Cheree Murdock embark on a comprehensive journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and sustainable personal development.

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One (60 minute) 1:1 coaching session

For someone who wants to dip their toe in and get specific help for one thing in a big way but not wanting to develop the lifestyle habits that come along with a longer coaching program.


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The Coaching Workbook and Course

For someone wanting to get all the goodness of the coaching program but go at their own pace. This book also has accompanying videos to watch as you follow along.


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4 (60 minute) 1:1 Coaching Sessions AND The Coaching Workbook and Course

For the person wanting to lay the foundation of healthy habits and mindsets through examining your thoughts and shifting them to positivity and abundance. You'll also get the workbook and course to be able to continue your journey after your sessions are done.


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The Ultimate Coaching Package

This is the option for someone who wants to see how much their life can change through course correcting your thoughts and showing your brain who is boss!

This includes:

8 (60 minute) 1:1 life coaching sessions with Cheree (plus 2 free ones to use throughout the year you've signed up)

The coaching workbook and course to continue your thought work at your own pace once your 1:1 sessions are completed

Once a month group coaching calls (all done anonymously) with other teens and young adults to work through things together and continue challenging your thoughts and being in control of your brain

The ability to book additional 60 minute 1:1 sessions with Cheree for half price ($100 each)


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