How To Help Your Teen Feel ANY Emotion,Without It Permanently Harming Them...

And Have Enduring Confidence To Create Any Result They Want In Life

Which Program is for you?

One free 30 minute session

If you're wanting to decide wether this coaching program is for you, take the opportunity to have a 30 minute coaching session with Cheree. Schedule it HERE

One 1:1 coaching session

If you want to dip your toe in the water and get coaching for one specific concern, not to develop good lifestyle habits over time, this is the option for you. Learn more HERE

How to be a Teenager/Young Adult successfully workbook

All of Cheree's coaching goodness in a go at your own pace workbook! It has accompanying videos to help you along the way. Purchase them HERE

Four 1:1 sessions and How to be a Teenager/Young Adult successfully workbook

Four 1:1 sessions with Cheree to start developing an abundant mindset. You'll target and work through negative thought patterns which can help every aspect of your life. It also comes with the go at your own page coaching workbook and course so you can continue your growth after these sessions are over. Learn more HERE

Ten 1:1 sessions, How to be a Teenager/Young Adult successfully workbook and monthly group coaching

For the person wanting to fully immerse in the life coaching journey!

This includes:

8 (60 minute) 1:1 life coaching sessions with Cheree (plus 2 free ones to use throughout the year you've signed up)

The coaching workbook and course to continue your thought work at your own pace once your 1:1 sessions are completed

Once a month group coaching calls (all done anonymously) with other teens and young adults to work through things together and continue challenging your thoughts and being in control of your brain

The ability to book additional 60 minute 1:1 sessions with Cheree for half price ($100 each)

Learn more HERE

  • Camille

    Life coaching helped me through a time in my life where I was really struggling. Through the skills Cheree taught me, I was able to improve many of the relationships I was struggling with as well as be more in tune with my own emotions. I still use the skills she taught me even though I'm not being coached right now! Cheree is the best!!!

  • Karen

    I am a violinist studying at the Cleveland Institute of Music, one of seven independent music conservatiories in the United States, and therefore my schooling is very intense and the environment of my education is very competitive and incredibly demanding physically, mentally, and emotionally. Cheree is truly helping me transform my perception of myself, my outlook on the experiences I am having, and my relationship with God. I cannot recommend Cheree enough, and am so grateful for the sincere love and care she shows me every time we have a session together. :)

  • Calli

    At first, I didn’t want to do life coaching at all. I was very stubborn about it, and did not believe that it could help me. But even just after the first coaching session there was a huge change in me. Myself and my family noticed that after each coaching session I was happier and I felt better about myself. Life coaching from Cheree provided me with tools to live a better life, and be a better person, and I will always be grateful for it.

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Hi I'm Cheree

When I was a teenager I labeled myself as a wall flower, aka, someone who just blended in and had little to offer. 

That label didn’t really help me, in fact it created a lot more doubt in myself, contributed to very little self-confidence, few dates or dates with the wrong kind of guys, and not a whole lot of healthy social experiences.

What I’ve learned since, through my life experiences and extensive training (including The Life Coach School and the Creation Coach Certification Program) has CHANGED MY LIFE!